Interstellar: Christopher Nolan

Wormholes, space travel, time jumps. This movie provides the kind of rarely met satisfaction to the Sci-Fi enthusiasts (read: nerds) out there. And if that wasn’t enough the visuals in the movie are beyond stunning, starting from the frightening emptiness of space, the artistic beauty of a black hole, or the creativity of the planets with their varying atmospheres and landscapes. All of that without even taking into account the kind story that would have any viewer teetering on the edge of their seats.

Interstellar - Most Famous Movie Quotes to Ponder

All in all, it is a movie worth watching even if you’re not a Sci-Fi fan, only if it is just for experiencing the tear-jerker that it is. The emotional impact of being out in space and losing time due to time dilation seems like concepts which won’t relate to the average viewer but the story-telling manages to still achieve just that, having us wiping at our eyes when Cooper finally reunites with Murph on her deathbed.

The movie keeps itself grounded without taking too many creative freedoms with the physics of it all, which is quite admirable in today’s film industry. The portrayal of the black hole and the effect of its gravity on time is something deeply rooted in the Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. And the kind of robotics shown in the movie is not something that is too far from today’s reality. We might be far from the kind of advanced space travel showed in the movie, but the intercept maneuver is something that is used by to redirect satellites even today using a planet’s gravity.

Film Review: Interstellar. Let's get this out of the way first… | by Will  Clayton | CineNation | Medium

The dystopian future where humanity is threatened by extinction due to food crisis isn’t one that in too hard to believe, and neither is the wild scramble to preserve our existence. Interstellar tells a compelling story of a team of astronauts looking to find a new home for the human race, but running into problems that seem inconceivable to the human mind like survival on a frozen planet and obtaining data from inside the event horizon of a black hole but make us empathize nonetheless.


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