A Lonely Black Hole


My eyes are wide open

Emptiness showcased

The type you feel when you black out

The colour of me in and out

Born as my parent explodes

Force of gravity, the trickster!

Shrouded with darkness

I am feared by most

Fantasized by some

Experienced by none

Come closer to me and

Your time runs slow

As I distort the space-time around you

Even light is scared to enter me

Coz it can never leave me

Forever stuck in the abyss, but

This abyss is bliss

This emptiness is peace

Come thou all and embrace me

As I give you this chance to drift into your fantasy

Get lost within my event horizon

Into the world filled with ecstasy

Coz you never know what lies within

Million things to be discovered

Billion things to be ventured

All before I evaporate into infinity

Smrithi S

Second Year

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